Renewable Energy Confederation of Nepal (RECON) has created a Forum for Discussions and Idea Exchange in its web page. The forum is aimed to utilize healthy discussions casting, views and opinions on certain subject matter/s. The stakeholders and well wishes can join the forum with healthy comments, views and opinions to support RECON activities in promotion of renewable energy technologies to make accessible, available and affordable to all citizens or communities of any part of the country. Hence, participants, guests and insiders will fully utilize the forum for lobby and advocacy movements as well.

नविकरणीय उर्जा परिसंघको वेबसाइटभित्र Discussions र Idea Exchange का लागि र अन्य प्रयोजनका लागि पनि उपयुक्त हुने फोरम बनाइएको जानकारीको लागि अनुरोध छ । सबैको सहयोग र सहकार्यबाट नविकरणीय उर्जा प्रवद्र्धन, विकास, क्षमता अभिवृद्धि Lobby and Advocacy का लागि यस फोरमको उपयोग गर्न सकिन्छ भन्ने आशा गरिएको छ ।

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  1. I would like to Congratulate RECON for this great initiative in such a lock down situation in bringing the Renewable Energy Experts/Professional,practitioners in a Forum for the promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies for the over all development of the country.

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